Goodbye 2014.

When the holidays end, I’m always saddened because what’s been anticipated has already passed.  The time with family blurs and goodbyes come too quickly. It won’t be another two years until we’re able to be together again.  Until then, the memories will be cherished and we will look forward to more future fun times. (Save your fork, ya’ll.  Mom, that reference was for you to enjoy.  hahah!)





And from ours to yours, Happy New Year!

I don’t know why the videos aren’t showing, so hop on over to my blog to see them.


Gobble ‘Til You Wobble Thanksgiving Attire

40 Days of Lights with my favorite in-laws!



Floor Better or Worse


The two little ones on the move…
The first Snow.  They were up and dressed by 8 to play in the snow.  Where’s the snooze button for these kids?
A delightful bought with redeye.
Teaching selfies early.
Thatcher turned 4.
Celebrating with a dear friend.
Thatcher with his new game…It’s called Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game.  I really enjoyed it and wasn’t bored out of my mind as with some kid games (Can we say Chutes & Ladders, anyone?!?!).  Though, I did have to use some additional manipulatives to help with the adding and substracting. Sterling was a little young, but still joined in, and the boys helped with the math.  Fun times!
….And a little sister photo bomb.
The boys tried to sell their artwork to our Thanksgiving gathering. We had to give money to our guests on the sly so they could purchase the expensive art. The boys had $10 price tags on each piece. We had convince them that they couldn’t ask so much from our guests.  We’ll be broke soon.
Until next time!

A DIY R2D2 HC (Halloween Costume)…I just liked all the abbreviations.

I’m trying to play a bit of catch up here at the ole’ blog and keep on plugging away with my record of life. Pierson started 1/2 day kindergarten this year and has been exposed to Star Wars there. He asked if he could be R2D2. And I agreed…I mean, how hard would it be to DIY an R2D2 costume?

Halfway in, as the paper mâché toilet paper gloop wasn’t looking promising, I was cursing myself for not saying ‘no’. All in all, it turned out fine and Pierson was proud of it. That’s all I cared about. I was happy to help him follow his dream, but I told him next year he needs to just find a costume from the dress up bin.



And another of all the kiddos and cousins dressed up. (I like this particular one for a few reasons: It’s a rare photo of Sterling actually smiling on command; Merritt cracks me up because he wasn’t too amused that he couldn’t see out of his Skunk costume;  And as always, Anders was smiling.)

On to November…

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